Training Information

S.No Topic Sub-Topic
1 Introduction To Search Engine Optimization Definition And Simple Introduction
2 Types Of SEO White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, Silver Hat SEO
3 # Red Hat SEO, Blue Hat SEO, Negative SEO
4 Website & Blog Difference Between Website And Blog
5 Introduction To Search Engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Excite, Ask, AOL, Baidu,
6 Module No 1: SEO Terms And Matrices Introduction To Terms, Basic SEO Terms,
Technical Terms
7 # SEO Matrices, Search Engines, DR and PR
8 Assignment Of Module 1 SEO Terms And Matrices
9 Module No 2: Keyword Research Tools Introduction to Keyword Research, Free And Paid Keyword Research
10 Free Keyword Research Tools Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Planner io, Uber Suggest, Kw Finder, Keyword Keg
11 Paid Keyword Research Tools Ahrefs, Semrush, And Much More…
12 Module 3: SEO Tools Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, SEO Profiler, Moonsy, Serpbook, Majestic, Woorank, Deadlink Checker
13 Assignment Of Module 2 Keyword Tools And Their Functions
14 Module 4: SEO Startup Niche Research, Keyword Research And Types Of Keywords
15 Forms Of Keywords Main Keywords, Related Keywords, Technical Keywords
16 Assignment Of Module 4 Practical Test Of Niche And Keyword Research
17 Module 5: Competition Analysis How To Spy On Competitors, Complete Keyword Analysis, Complete Competition Analysis
18 # Finding Weakness Of Competitive Websites, Formulating A Strategy To Beat Competitive Websites
19 Assignment Of Module 5 Practical Test: How To Do Competition Analysis
20 Module 6 : Site Setup Choosing The Right Domain And Hosting, Site Title, Description, Permalinks, Reading And Writing Section
21 # Choosing The Best Themes, Site Appearance And Design Setup, Important Plugins For Any Website
22 # Meta Description And Crawling, Menus
23 Assignment Of Module 6 Assignment: Practical Test Of Site Setup
24 Module 7: On-Page SEO Title And Type Of Titles That Attracts People, Unique Content, Categories, And How To Make Categories
25 # Tags And Archives, Description And Meta Descriptions, Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity, And Alt Texts
26 # Internal And External Linking, Adding a
Video To The Content To Increase
Content Value In Search Engines
27 # H1, H2 And H3 Tags And Search Engines, Images And Images Description, Related Keywords
28 Assignment Of Module 7 Assignment: Practical Test Of On-Page SEO
29 Module 8: Off-Page SEO (Link Building) Introduction To Off-Page SEO, Backlinks, Types Of Backlinks, And Social Signals
30 How To  Make Backlinks Blog Commenting, Guest Posting, PDF Submission, Forum Links, E-book Links
31 # Directory Submission, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Social Bookmarking, Press Release Links, Video Links
32 # Testimonial Links, Wiki Links, Broken Link Methods, Discussions on Boards Like Quora And Pinterest, Social Media Links
33 # Profile Backlinks, High Authority Communities Like Firefox Community, Document Links, Infographic Links, And Much More….
34 Social Signals Introduction & Different Types Of Social Signals
35 Assignment Of Module 8 Practical Test Of Off-Page SEO
36 Module 9: Introduction to Google Analytics Introduction, Use Of Google Analytics, How To Add Website on Google Analytics, Bounce Rate, Impressions, Session Time
37 Assignment Of Module 9 Complete Google Analytics Usage
38 Module 10: The Master Ranking Strategies Domain Factors, Page-Level Factors, Site-Level Factors, Backlink Factors
39 # User Interaction, Special Google Algorithm Rules, Brand Signals
40 # On-Site Webspam Factors, Off-Site Webspam Factors, And 200+ Ranking Strategies
41 Assignment Of Module 10 You Have To Find 50+ Ranking Strategies At Your Own
42 Module 11: Link Building 1st Month First Month Strategy For A New Website
43 Module 12: Link Building 2nd Month Second Month Strategy For A New Website
44 Module 13: Link Building 3rd Month Third Month Strategy For A New Website
45 Module 14: Website Monetization Introduction To Monetization
46 # Affiliate Marketing (Strongest) Platforms, Amazon, Clickbank, etc
47 # Google Adsense,, Paid Advertising On Website
48 # Freelancing Ads, Selling Ebooks On Website,
Guesting Posting On Website
49 # Site Flipping, Shorten Links, Selling Services
50 # CPA, Selling Links, And Much More…..
51 Assignment Of Module 14 Find 10+ Site Monetization Platforms
52 Module 15: Google Algorithms Google Panda Complete Detail
53 # Penguin Complete Detail
54 # Hummingbird Complete Detail
55 # Google Pigeon Complete Detail
56 # Google Spider Complete Detail
57 Assignment Of Module 15 Understanding and Memorizing Google Algorithms
58 Module 16: Website Ranking And Keywords Position Checking Site Ranking And Keyword Position Checking
59 # Updating Site Content To Boost Up Ranking
60 # Quality And Relevancy Detailed Discussion
61 # Question Answers About Search Engine Optimization And Course
62 Final Words The Basic Purpose of This Course Is To Provide The Knowledge Of SEO i-e The Methodology Of Ranking In The Search Engines.